Non Destructive Digging Excavation-NDD


Non Destructive Digging Excavation-NDD

Norsu provides the full spectrum of management and maintenance services built of our comprehensive systems platform utilising fundamentals of continuous improvement to align with our client’s objectives. This approach ultimately determines joint success as it allows the client to focus on their core business.


Non Destructive Digging Excavation-NDD

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Non Destructive Digging Excavation

Non Destructive Digging Services for Commercial and Residential Sectors

Our non-destructive digging services are available all over Australia and have takers from commercial as well as residential sectors. Also known as vacuum excavation or hydro excavation, it is possibly the safest way to dig and can be done perfectly if the right kind of equipment is available. At Norsu Group, we have trained professionals and the right devices to ensure that excavation is done safely even with sensitive installations.

Our non destructive excavation services can pick up heavy debris to fine particles and can be done for a variety of purposes. Whether you want utility installation or pipe replacement, we offer safe and efficient industrial vacuum services that will not harm the surface that’s being dug out. Hydro excavation and vacuum excavation work in pretty much the same way except in the former, a water jet is used to break the debris before it can be sucked out. Our Terra Vac vacuum excavation ensures that surrounding underground conditions are not altered.

Why Get a Non Destructive Digging (NDD) Truck Hire?

With NDD truck hire, you can reduce the chances of damage to the underlying materials, especially around cable connections, gas pipes, and optic fibres. High pressure water jets break and dislodge dirt under the ground that is sucked up by an efficient truck vacuum cleaner. Since this is a non-mechanical process, it takes less labour and hence is more economical than traditional methods. Also, it’s twice as fast as traditional mechanical excavators.

With NDD Excavation in Australia, we help in fitting replacements, new instalments, road and railway maintenance, cleaning contaminated and polluted debris, and exploratory excavations. Our non-destructive digging services are helpful wherever there is a need to remove debris from a public place or a workspace. It’s a safe and fast method to excavate debris without affected people or utilities near it.

Here are some benefits of using non destructive digging:

  • It’s a safe way of excavation
  • Since it uses less labour, it saves money
  • Non destructive digging is faster than traditional methods
  • It doesn’t affect the nearby utilities and people
  • Waste material can be transported to another site

Contact us For Vacuum Excavations

Whether you want to vacuum out debris from a public place or want to remove hazardous waste in an industrial setup, Norsu Group can help you out. We can remove both organic and inorganic materials from holes and ensure that the place remains safe for your employees. Just give us a call and we’ll be there.


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